The simple things, this summer!

I love summer!

It's just the easiest season of them all. You don't need much to make it through the beautiful warm days and after a long winter, don't we all just love to feel that heat of the sun hit your faces. Ive been using a lot of the same clothes from summer to summer, just because its the shortest season of them all in Finland. On a good summer, we'll get three months a really good weather. On those not so good summers, let's just say we are happy if we get one full week of good sunshine.

Here are my top 4 must have this summer. Cute summer shoes, a hat, sunscreen and a good magazine.

Even though I've tried really hard not to buy anything new this summer, ended up buying these really cute flat sandals from Zara. Side note; these are the first shoes Ive bought from Zara´s women sections. Usually I get them at the kids department. Yes...The kids department! Did I mention that I am 140cm tall, and wear size 35 (3)? Another item summer won't be complete without is a hat. This one I got last year and Ive managed to destroy it abit, but it still does the job.

Hat & shoes from Zara, scarf Villa and sunglasses from Synsam.

I grew up hardly wearing sunscreen just because I for a very long time believed the myth that black people don't need that. Truth is we need sunscreen just like everyone else. I still have a hard time remembering to actually use it, but Im really tiring.  We've been using Sun Milk by Bio Solis, you can find it in Ruohojuuri, but just like all sunscreens its pretty sticky and if your planning on going to the beach your gonna be walking around looking like a sand castle but that's alright :)

If you're planning on spending the sunny days outside, taking a magazine with you to read is always a good idea. This Mari Magazine is definitely this summers must have mag. If you love fashion and flowers then you know that Marimekko is also the leader in all things flower prints. Almost surprised that this is their first edition. Such a cool and welcomed idea!

Mari Magazine by Marimekko

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