Midsummer is by far one of the most celebrated public holidays in Finland which is usually around the third weekend of June. Ive come to notice that a lot of people have a way of spending it year after year. I seems like everyone has their own little traditions that they keep to each year. Most people spend it at a summer cabin and the summer cabin tradition is literally like when people leave Windhoek to go to the North to spend time at the village. The only difference is that its usually a little bit smaller, probably not that far and close to a lake.

People get together at cabins or at home and celebrate the long endless summer days.

This midsummer we've been blessed with exceptional weather. Its been about +23 to + 30 degrees, which might not seem much but believe me when I say it's hot! We've started our own lil midsummer tradition as well :) This is our forth midsummer together and since we don't own a cabin nor does anyone in our families (not that we know), so we spend it at Jonas's moms place. We call it our summer cabin, even though it really isn't. It's a few hours from Helsinki, has a sauna and a forest right outside the backyard. What else do we need? Ok.. A lake right outside wouldn't be bad, but there is one like 30mins away :) Although most people love spending midsummer in groups with lots of friends and family, we really just like spending it the two of us. This year was a little bit special since we had a few friends join us for midsummer eve dinner, which was really nice.

Cant wait to spend many more midsummers in this land of many lakes :)

Read more about Finnish Midsummer here.

Midsummer couldn't be complete without some good food!

What else does a girl need during midsummer than a good swimming suit, a hat, sum lipstick and sunglasses?

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