HAVU Cosmetics

I hardly have make-up on these days. Ive really being enjoying not having to fuss about putting on my make-up before I leave the house. This being said, I usually always have some lipstick on. Lipstick really sometimes is all you need! My favourite colors are ones that look as natural as possible, so when I got my hands on HAVU Cosmetics lipsticks, I was sold.

Wearing the dark HAVU Cosmetics lipstick in this photo. The Dark is literally the nude color for me and I love it!

I originally came across their brand through Instagram and then a few weeks ago I was asked to model for them, which I couldn't resist. Havu products are 100% biodegradable and made of natural ingredients, so not only are they good for your skin but also for the environment. Once you've used up your lipstick, you can throw the container into your bio-wast bin. How cool is that?

I love that the containers are made of wood! They feel so good when you hold and apply them. They also aren't slippery like most and they come in a very nice yet simple packaging.

My other favorite color of theirs is the Red, which actually looks slightly orange on my skin tone as you can see in the photo above. So I have to apply it abit more than I would with, example the dark to get more color, but Im sure that differs with skin tones. Below you can see the difference in shade according to skin tone (I know this is just three out of a milloin skin tones out there, but its a good reference).

Photo by Kaisa Syrjänen for Havu Cosmetic

I totally recommend HAVU Cosmetics. Their lipsticks, not only do they have a variety of really good colors. They also don't dry up and give you cracked looking lips. In fact, once you apply them on, your lips feel soft and easy.

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