Hair story

I don't remember going through a phase as a child when I didn't like my hair. Honestly I don't think I even thought about my hair growing up at all. It was what it was and most of the kids around me had the same type of hair as well. From age 0-7 I hardly had any hair, because it was either cut off or just didn't grow. During that time I lived with my grandparents on their farm and we (my cousins and I) literally played in the sand 24/7, so it was definitely a wise idea from grandmother to have us all keep very short hair.

I later moved to Windhoek and started school there and naturally we let my hair grow. Then I had to learn to take care of it, which I don't think I did. My mom did most of the "caring" when it came to my hair.

I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros

Most of the time during school my hair was braided so I wouldn't have to spend early mornings trying to figure out what to do with them before school.

My so called "hair problems" came in my later teens. We moved to Finland when I was 16, to a fairly small town with no hair salon for my kinda hair. In Namibia, finding a hair salon or a relative to do my hair was never a problem. So when we moved, I really struggled with what to do with my hair. Summers are easy. I can just have my afro out, but when winter comes and you have to wear a beanie and it all gets smooshed up and gets really dry. To make things worse, I didn't really bother to learn about how to take care of my hair and used any and every shampoo I could get my hands on. Which wasn't good!

Only in my late 20s I started meeting a lot of other black girls who were really rocking their natural hair and I become very curious at what they were doing to make their hair look so good, without having them braided or under a wig. One friend of mine said her secret was Youtube and that she has a masters degree in watching YouTube tutorials on how to do your hair. Believe me, it's true! She can watch a tutorial and do the exact same hair do on herself in minutes. I tried watching tutorials, but Ive yet to learn how to do half the things she does. But the most important thing she and most Youtubers taught me is, picking the right products for my hair and moisturizing!

After a few years of hiccups with different products, I finally found the right ones! What works for me is anything by Shea Moistures , but mostly their shampoo and conditioner. I get mine at the Natural Beauty shop here in Helsinki, where I also get their shea curl booster that they make themselves.

The reason why I love Shea Moistures is that they really makes my curls nice and soft. It has also helped my hair grow. True story! If you know me at all, you'd know that my hair never grows, but lately its been growing. To the point where I can even make a little bun! Which is cool, because as my hair grows Im also finding different ways of styling them. I still love me a wig, but now I don't use wigs to hide my hair when I feel like they don't look good enough. I just wear wigs for fun.

I love my afro and Shea Moistures have really helped me love them even more. Not to forget the curl booster that I use whenever I do my bantu knots.

Everyones hair is different and it takes time to find the right products for your hair, but I really recommend you try these out, cause they've helped me a lot.

If you have any other natural hair care and style tips, please let me know!

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