A very Finnish summer..Pori!

Ive spent most of my summers in Finland besides the times Ive gone to Namibia to spent a month of summer which is ever other year. Usually Ive worked all through summer, spent a few weeks at my parents visited a few friends here and there.

This our first summer as husband and wife, but our fourth summer together. Jonas loves to travel so we've traveled every summer we've been together. First we went to Sweden, then Barcelona, Namibia, Greece and this summer we were looking forward to spending our first wedding anniversary in Wadi Rum Jordan. But since traveling out of Finland is not encouraged at the moment, we've decided to spend the rest of the year here and only travel inside of Finland.

Last weekend we decided to officially start our summer travels by going to Pori, which is a small town about 4 hour drive from Helsinki. Its well known for its annual jazz festival and its dune like sandy beach Yyteri.

It wasn't the perfect summer day as it looks in the photo above, in fact it was so windy we basically just hanged around long enough to get these photos taken.

I definitely recommend visiting Yyteri on a warm summer day, so you can enjoy the beach and the dunes that aren't meant for climbing like the ones in Namibia, but they sure are pretty to look at.

This summer we hope to explore other small towns like Porvoo and Hanko. We are also planning a camping trip in the forest somewhere for a few nights, which im actually now looking forward to. When Jonas first mentioned camping I literally said count me out! Now I cant wait to see how well we'll survive in the wild.

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