A good life?

Ive been thinking about this concept of a good life for a while now and what that means for me.

People living in a war torn place, a good life for them would simply be a life without the fear of being killed. Or those living in famine, a good life would mean not having to worry about where their next meal will come from.

At the moment I live in one of the worlds safest countries. I have a good job that I enjoy, I have family and friends that love me and I honestly really like my life. Recently me and my husband have been talking about the things we value and the things that we need and want now and in the future, and we've really just come to the conclusion that we don't want material things to define us, nor our life.

Over and over again we've come to realize that our life was so good in that "lock down" period. We didn't lack anything (Thank you Jesus)! Life was simple and it really makes you wonder do we really need all those these things that society has created and made us believe we need in order to have a good life.

Here are two things I don't want to define my life: 1. My job

Im honestly one of those people who believes that a job is a job. If what you love is cleaning, than clean the heck out of that place! If your striving to be a boss, then go ahead and work your way up that ladder. Ive just been feeling a little pressure lately to have that "good secured job", but Ive decided not to fall into that pressure. First of all, jobs come and go! I actually love the fact that we don't need to have one job for the rest of our lives, but instead we can learn and grow in so many different places. Also if there is one thing corona has taught us, you can't let your job define you who are, cause that can be gone in a day.

2. My status in society

I remember there being a time when I was so obsessed with what I achieved or worst, what I MUST achieve in life. I felt like I was in a constant race to prove myself. Partly that came from living in a foreign country and wanting to fit in so badly and not stand out in any way. If I was to stand out, it should only be in a good light. It got to a point where I had to sit myself down and ask myself "Girl what is it that you want".

Around that time I really started hearing the Holy Spirit speak into my life so clearly and telling me "you´r running the wrong race". I was running for the right things, but for the wrong reasons. Thats when I decided to fully just surrender everything I have and everything I am. I wasn't going to chase some kind of status with my career or my music, because I finally came to realize that what's meant for me, will be mine. Like serious! If its Gods will for my life to be at some place at some point, it will happen. Some doors you just cant open yourself.

Lately Ive come to realize that the things that make my life good are the very simple things. The tiny studio apartment we live in, that we love. My husband!! I used to say I could never be a house wife or stay at home mom, but that might just change, cause I just love being at home! And like I said, I love my job, but I've also really come to appreciate that lockdown period we had. No, I don't want another corona wave to hit! But I definitely want more time to just be, without having to strive for anything.

Also, how can life not be good during summer? Being able to enjoy the good wheather, drink mocktails and wear bright colors..Thats a good life!

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. - Psalm 34:8

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