Welcome to my blog!

So glad you stubbled upon my blog. Im using this platform to share my life, love, faith, fashion, travel and everything in between. 

What you need to know about me from the get go (if you don't know me personally), I am a Namibian from the Ovambo tribe, Mbalantu to be specific and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I´ve been living in Finland for so long really, so I'm definitely also a Finn.  


What else do you need to know about me?... Im 30 years old, married to a Finn and currently working at Marimekko as an Assistant in the Global Creative Brand Marketing team and also part time sales assistant. I love to sing and play the guitar, so I recently started a duo with my Friend called Sonja & Olivia


I promise to be as candid as possible, although I won't promise to share EVERYTHING about my life, because I do believe not everything is meant to be shared on a social media platform, but I will definitely take you on a journey with me.

Something you'd like me to write about? Let me know!

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